Teaching Topics level 1 teacher training

Session 1: Yoga Origins, Types, Lineage and Becoming a Teacher

What is Yoga; it’s origins and history up to present. Baba Sri Chand, Guru Ramdas, [Shakti/Bhakti].
Types of Yoga: traditional and modern. Kundalini Yoga as the mother of all yogas, householders dharma.
Golden chain. Adi mantra & basic class structure
Code of ethics – Professional Code & 16 Facets of the Teacher. 7 steps to happiness.

Session 2: Shabd, Mantra & Sadhana

Quantum Shabd Guru:
The 4 yugas, Kali Yug and Naam as the supreme yoga of Kali Yug.
The nature of the age we live in (the grey transition between Piscean and Aquarian era).
The changes and challenges of the times, and what is needed.
Sensory human: The body as a communication system;

Mantra: the meanings, effect, and how to chant the mantras of Kundalini Yoga.
Sadhana: The importance and value of daily discipline of exercise and meditation.
Building your sadhana slowly and steadily

Session 3: The map - Yogic and western anatomy.

Western anatomy: body systems and specific organs. How yoga and diet help
The yoga process; concept of energetics rejuvenation /balance/ elimination [G.O.D.]
Yogic anatomy of Gunas, Tattwas, Chakras, Nadis, Vayus, prana and apana.
The path of the Kundalini and the 3 locks/bhandas

Session 4: Breathing & Living

Pranayama: Body – breath – brain - consciousness
What, how, why of the breath. Its nature, importance, variations & effects.

Yogic Lifestyle: Guidelines, wisdom and tips for all aspects of life.
How to awake, hydrotherapy, diet, times of day, getting the best sleep.
Addiction and how yoga helps. Cautions and pitfalls. Power/money/sex.

Session 5; The Technology of the Times; Posture

Asana : Kriyas and asanas, (angles, triangles, rhythm). The effects/benefits/cautions.

Session 6; Meditation:

The techniques, types, effects over time, stages.
Patanjali: Pratyahaar, Darana, Dhyana, Samadh.
The 3 minds; training the mind.

Session 7; Humanology:

We are Spirits here for the Human Experience.
The possible Hu-man Be-ing, soul’s choice, soul’s journey, birth, 120 days, the mother.
Being fe/male, growing up, Moon Points, Lifecycles. Meditations for Wo/men.
Relationships –the highest yoga. Venus Kriyas. Tips for Communication.

Session 8: Roles And Responsibilities :

In and out of the class setting.
The Art of being a student; 5 steps to wisdom, the 4 errors, 2 laws - keep up and deliver.
The nature and art of a teacher - Teacher’s Oath. 16 Facets.
Teaching in different spaces, different levels, and different groups.
Before, during and after the class.
Message, market & media. Preparing yourself, preparing the class,
Managing the time, the space, the ambience & the people.
The relation between Kundalini Yoga and Sikh dharma.

Session 9: Yogic Philosophy, Death & Dying

Philosophy: Key terms and concepts in Yogic Philosophy. Sutras of Patanjali. Concentration.
The cycle of
manifestation & the ladder of subtly.
Death & Dying: What happens when we die and after we die. The stages, the issues, the
opportunity, and the technology. Dead/Liberated while Alive.

Session 10: Completion & Continuity

Ten Spiritual Bodies;
Applied Science of Spiritual Numerology [Karam Kriya].
Relaxation — its importance, different techniques.
Resources for the teacher.[Including Community and continuity.]
Answer & questions. Preparation for exam.