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Level 1 Teacher Training WA 2019

Sat Nam.

The 2018 round of Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Karam Kriya School has now completed! Details for the 2019 training programme are being finalized. The major dates are already set however.

As in 2018 the WA training includes traveling to Victoria for the second, residential week of training to join with the group there. The Victoria group joins us in WA for the final week of training. This enables the building of national connections in the Kundalini Yoga community.

The trainer team is composed of national and international trainers of caliber from the Karam Kriya School.

Your local trainer, organiser and contact person in WA is Jai Ram Kaur.



WEEK ONE: 6 days from Saturday May 25th to Thursday May 30th

Trainers: Meherbani Kaur (Italy) and Jai Ram Kaur (Perth)

Venue TBA

WEEK TWO: 7 days Saturday 3rd to Friday 9th August (arrive afternoon/evening of the 2nd.)

Trainers: Jai Ram Kaur (Perth) and Jai Inder Kaur (Melbourne)

Residential retreat in Victoria. Venue TBA.


WEEK THREE: 7 days Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd November (arrive afternoon/evening 22nd November)

Trainers: Bachitar Kaur (Germany), Jai Ram Kaur and Jai Inder Kaur

Residential retreat in Western Australia. Venue: TBA

To certify for your Level 1 certificate you will be required to attend at least one day of White Tantra meditation (takes place in Sydney every second year and in other locations worldwide) within 2 years of beginning your training.

You must also attend 20 classes with certified Kundalini Yoga teachers from the start of the training and have these signed off on.

You are required to complete a 40 day sadhana at home (40 days straight of the same meditation and/or kriya) with journal.

Written assessments: 2 curricula and one take home exam. A sit down exam may also be a requirement (TBC).

Full details will be available in time as the info pack is made available. In the meantime you will find the 2018 info pack linked below informative. The fee for the training in 2019 will be slightly higher than in 2018.

For further information contact Jai Ram - 0417 600 751

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CLICK HERE to see an info pack here for full info on fees, dates, content, venues etc.

Karam Kriya School Australia presents Kundalini Yoga Level One Teacher Training in Western Australia in 2018.

This 220 hour professional, internationally KRI approved training will give you the experience, knowledge, personal growth and training that you need to deepen your own practice and become a Kundalini Yoga instructor.

"If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”   Yogi Bhajan

The training will also guide you to develop a conscious lifestyle, to nurture and uplift yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It provides a possibility for personal growth and transformation. It gives you a deeper understanding of the technology, science and philosophy of the Kundalini Yoga teachings and practice and will develop in you the knowledge experience and confidence to teach it. You become connected to the timeless and vital wisdom of the teachings trough the lineage of the Golden Chain, as well as to a local, national and international community of teachers.

Inspired? Read on.

Ready to register? Have you seen the info pack? You will find a link above. It can also be emailed to you. Send Jai Ram a mail requesting an application form and write a letter/email outlining your experience with yoga/Kundalini Yoga and your motivations for doing the training.

The Karam Kriya School international teaching team for WA in 2018 is -

Bachitar Kaur (Germany), Meherbani Kaur (Italy), Shiv Charan Singh (UK/Portugal) and Jai Ram Kaur (Australia).

The 2018 Karam Kriya School Australia WA Level One training course is special in that it includes Karam Kriya School founder Shiv Charan Singh on the teaching team, with the final 5 days being with him, together with the 2018 Karam Kriya School training group from Victoria. Along with a team of experienced and gifted trainers, Shiv Charan brings the calibre and depth of an authentic spiritual teacher.

We also join together with the Karam Kriya School group in Victoria for week 2 and the final 5 days of the training, so you will be creating Australia-wide bonds!


Non-residential retreat at A Place to Just Be, 4a Preston Pt Rd Bicton

Saturday 5th to Friday 11th May (7 days total).

Bachitar Kaur and Jai Ram Kaur

If you would like to stay near the venue for the duration of the week of training, or part of it, ask Jai Ram about staying at the Ashram in Beaconsfield.


Residential retreat at Atisha Buddhist Centre in Bendigo, Victoria. We come together with the training group in Victoria for this live-in experience of yogic lifestyle.

Perth: Sun 12th to Sun 19th August (Total 8 days.) Arrive Saturday 11th in the afternoon.

Meherbani Kaur, Jai Ram Kaur and Jai Inder Kaur (support teacher and organiser for the Victoria group)


2 x one day non-residential weekend sessions. Sunday 5am start with Aquarian Sadhana. Finish 5.30pm. Sun 9th September. Sun 14th October. (Total 2 days). At Raising Vibrations Studio. 53 Union Rd Carmel.

Jai Ram Kaur

5 DAYS WA at Naravi Retreat Centre, Forest Grove, WA

with Shiv Charan Singh (founder Karam Kriya School international).

Saturday 3rd to Wednesday 7th November 2018 (Total 5 days).

Attendance at all sessions is required. Trainees are expected to attend 20 Kundalini Yoga classes during and after their training period as well as attend one day of White Tantric Yoga.

Meet your trainers here.

Would you like to see an outline of the course content? Click below.