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Karam Kriya Workshop with Shiv Charan Singh

Karam Kriya Numerology Workshop

Number Awareness ~ Awareness of Soul

 with Shiv Charan Singh

Fri November 16th (evening), Sat 17th and Sun 18th 2018

at Naravi Retreat, Forest Grove, Western Australia

Learn numbers with Karam Kriya School founder and outstanding international teacher, Shiv Charan Singh and propel yourself deeper into your own soul.


Numbers, when you go into their essence, reveal the steps of human evolution - an evolution we move through (and get stuck in) in the macro as in the micro, during each day and during our lives. Numbers are the backbone of everything. When you xray any form that appears, at the base, underneath, is number. They are in our speech and in our silence. We have 5 voices which are an expression of 5 pairs of numbers.

We also have a date of birth. The territories of time and space that the soul passes through in its incarnation are also expressions of number. The map is universal - our experience consists of the same basic elements. But how these are experienced is imprinted upon by the numbers of the date on the day of your birth.

This weekend workshop gives you a profound window into numbers as universal principles as well as insight into how these may be lived personally. Repetition is part of life, but is it automatic, karmic repetition or dharmic, conscious habits that enable us to live from soul? Probably an evolving combination of each! An ongoing negotiation. Our aim in Karam Kriya is to take the time we have been given in this life and apply consciousness to the way in which we live, so as to evolve it to maximise our potential and live our destiny.

All are welcome to this workshop. Experience with Kundalini Yoga is not a must, though be aware that this is the common ground which will be referred to.

This residential weekend workshop at the beautiful Naravi retreat runs from Friday evening 7pm to Sunday afternoon 5pm.

Each morning begins with Sadhana - daily spiritual practice - at 5am.

All meals are provided as is accommodation Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday night optional for an additional AUD$50.

Interstate and international students, contact Jai Ram for assistance with transport.

FEE: AUD$600

Find an info pack with fees and describing the venue and accommodation HERE. (Scroll down for the section on Karam Kriya.)




Karam Kriya is the study of life through numbers and numbers through life. The School is founded and directed by Shiv Charan Singh and is the result of the life long study and teaching of the basic principles underlying existence. Shiv Charan Singh was given the name Karam Kriya to apply to what he does by Yogi Bhajan in 1996. Karam Kriya shares the reference of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, but the study of numbers in themselves is universal and universally applicable.

For more information on Karam Kriya and Shiv Charan Singh visit

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