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Karam Kriya Date of Birth Consultations

Jai Inder in Melbourne and Jai Ram in Perth offer Karam Kriya numerological consultations in person and via skype. A consultation provides you with an intuitive and supportive space, guided by the precise and unerring wisdom of the numbers, to explore the issues and themes that matter to you.

  • See yourself clearly and be seen.

  • Understand, accept and embrace who you are and what you're here for. Take the next steps on your path of becoming

  • Renegotiate sticking points, unblock blocks and bring gifts into focus

  • Awaken clarity and renewal of trust

  • Experience healing, feel more flow on more levels of your being

  • Accelerate your learning and process of becoming

A Karam Kriya session brings the light of consciousness onto you and increases it within you. 

Is it a "reading"?

The key to the answer lies in the word "applied". Karam Kriya applied numerology is not formulaic. It is not numbers from a book. Rather it is the study of numbers as a language that we are speaking all the time and we apply the awareness of this language to the conversation and to you. When we re-member this language consciously, we realise numbers are ever-present in our voice and in our language. All processes of life can be xrayed until all that remains is number. Numbers are the most primary level of existence and seeing through to them reveals the innate, intelligent harmony at the source of all life. Which is why we say "know numbers, know yourself".

The numbers of the date on the day of your birth are a blueprint for you. The date of birth is unfolded into a map on which there are 5 territories of experience - 5 aspects of the spaces we occupy on our journey through our daily lives as well as our whole life-span.  The date of birth is the aspect of time, and these numbers are placed in the space on the map, giving incredibly precise information about how you may experience these territories. You could say you were born on that day with good reason. Or you could equally say you were dealt a certain hand - now what are you going to do with it? A consultation adds consciousness, presence and breath to what just is. Deeper meanings and truer purposes are invited to rise to the surface.

A consultation:

- give you an overview of you, bringing things you've always known into clearer focus, giving you clearer language for it and therefore enabling you to step into and occupy yourself more fully.

- helps you to bring transparency to your beliefs and patterns, to dissolve and let go of habits that are inhibiting your growth and identify new habits that will support you better

- serves you as a way to bring clarity to issues and problems, helping you to integrate and move through on a higher level

-  can be a deep healing experience, helping you stop bypassing the true matter

- can provoke you into action

- can support you at crossroad times of decision

- can be of immense support when wanting to clarify a vision, mission or life purpose and plan of action, checking its alignment with your authentic self

- can assist you in your relationships (combining dates of birth to explore relationships is another possibility)

and much much more.

Book a consultation with Jai Inder in Melbourne or Jai Ram in Perth.

Jai Inder Kaur - Melbourne. M.0467 557 345

Jai Ram Kaur - Perth. M.0417 600 751    Jai Ram is mostly available for sessions Mondays, though other times are also available on request. Please remember to check time differences before proposing appointment times.

Skype appointments available.

Below: Jai Ram Kaur Hergo & Jai Inder Kaur Michel